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 Le Cénacle
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Le Cénacle
17, Prom. Charles-Martin
CH-1208 Geneva
t: +41 22 707 08 30
f: +41 22 840 30 40
The Cénacle's park,
Surrounded by numerous fruit trees, and shaded by lovely leafy trees some centuries old, a huge verdant well maintained lawn brings serenity to the whole property giving a much sought-after calm within the two hectares of nature at Le Cénacle within the heart of an international city.
Last News,
Ask for a room "Demeure" or "Parc", nicely renovated, in the mansion house! Our 11 best rooms have now their own private bathroom! Find us on Google Earth, pointer 46°11'49.24'' N 6°10'07.49'' E More than 500 photos to be seen:
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